New Mini Reverse Osmosis 380 l/d Expand

Mini Reverse Osmosis 380 l/d



Mini Reverse Osmosis system for hobby use, which is easily connected to the tapwater and can produce up to 380 liters of water per day. With a reverse osmosis system, you can easily and efficiently make ultra clean water by removing unwanted salt, nitrates, pesticides, sulphates, fluoride and bacteria from the water. By using reverse osmosis water for your plants, the plants can consume much larger amounts of the right fertilizers and achieve stronger and healthier growth.

  • Rent water always available
  • Free from salts and harmful substances
  • Easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Works without electricity and without chemical additives
  • Does not require a pump, just uses the pressure from the tapwater

Technical information

  • Output: Up to 380 liters per day
  • Water pressure: 3 - 8 bar
  • Temperatur: 1 - 30°C
  • Removes 98-99% salt

Hose, fitting for the faucet, suspension bracket and tools are included.

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