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Would you like to strengthen your plants for faster and stronger growth? The CO2 bag adds extra CO2, which strengthens the plants to grow faster and achieve better flowering, with better taste and color. Simply activate the bag and hang it easily over the plants.

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What is CO2?

Just as oxygen is for humans, carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most important components that plants need. All plants need CO2 to grow. If a plant cannot get enough CO2 from the air, the plant will grow more slowly and achieve poorer growth. The CO2 bag is an effective and cheap way to add extra CO2 to the air around the plants.

Where and when is the CO2 bag used?

It is recommended to start using CO2 2-3 weeks after the seeds have been sown. Simply activate the bag and hang it easily over the plants.

How long does the CO2 bag work?

When the bag is activated, it will start producing CO2 and after approx. 30-45 days, the bag will give the greatest CO2 yield. Depending on the air circulation, a CO2 bag will produce enough CO2 for a grow room or grow tent for up to 9 months.

How do I take advantage of the benefits of more CO2?

With the extra content of CO2, the plants can cope with temperatures that are up to 3-5 ºC higher than normal. With the higher growth, the plants will be able to absorb more water and fertiliser, and be able to use stronger light, which overall will give the plants even better growth.

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